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Increased digitisation is the only way for the food and drink industry

Added: 2 Jan 2018

Once seen as slow moving and traditional, the food and drink sector is in its most dynamic period f…

Former NEPIC chief among NY Honours List recipients

Added: 2 Jan 2018

Former North East of England Process Industry Cluster CEO Dr Stan Higgins is among the leading figu…

UK faces process industry challenge and opportunity from Germany

Added: 2 Jan 2018

Germany could be competing for British engineering graduates, as the country faces an impending ski…

Aquabio's Dutch deal extends AD services

Added: 2 Jan 2018

Water recycling pioneer Aquabio has signed an agreement with Dutch firm Econvert Water and Energy B…

Torness nuclear power station

Nuclear and renewable provide most of Scottish electricity supply

Added: 2 Jan 2018

Almost 90% of Scotland’s electricity was produced in the last 12 months by a combination of nuclear…

Optimising the proof test burden

Added: 23 Dec 2017

Asset owners and operators are continuously being driven by the regulators to demonstrate that the …

Keeping compressors in proper condition

Added: 28 Dec 2017

For manufacturers and engineers across the UK, compressed air is just as important as gas and elect…

Understand the range of UAV applications to realise the benefits

Added: 27 Dec 2017

Developments in live asset UAV survey and inspection technology have been extensive over recent yea…

Amec Dunlin A North Sea oil

Industry rebuffs Edinburgh uni's pessimistic UK oil and gas report

Added: 20 Dec 2017

UK oil and gas industry leaders have reacted strongly to an academic report that claimed the UK’s k…

Production of 500 daily litres of bioethanol from food waste

Bioethanol plant to stay closed unless change in market

Added: 7 Dec 2017

Britain’s biggest bioethanol producer, Vivergo, said it would ‘closely monitor the market’ before c…

EDF Hinkley Point C nuclear power wide

Wood wins £12 million Hinkley Point C contract

Added: 7 Dec 2017

Wood has won an £11.9 million contract to be sole supplier of inspection qualification services to …

GE announces more than 1,000 UK power jobs to go

Added: 7 Dec 2017

General Electric is to shed more than 1,000 UK jobs from its power division, as part of swingeing c…

Matt Hale

How heat exchangers can save on food waste and costs

Added: 21 Dec 2017

When processing viscous food product, it is inevitable that an amount will adhere to surfaces, such…

Integrating CAD and point cloud data beats project time challenge

Added: 22 Dec 2017

Construction specialists Mercury Engineering’s contract to link a new process plant in the Netherla…

UK manufacturing boosted by European performance

Added: 4 Dec 2017

European markets continue to play a key role for British manufacturing toward the end of this year,…

Nuclear industry makes ‘key contribution to Britain’s GDP’

Added: 4 Dec 2017

Britain’s civil nuclear industry contributed some £6.4 billion to the UK economy last year, claims …

Xylem chief takes over as BPMA head

Added: 4 Dec 2017

Xylem Water Solutions managing director Duncan Lewis has officially taken over as the president of …

Process leaders on industrial strategy: good but not sufficient

Added: 28 Nov 2017

Welcome for the Government’s newly unveiled industrial strategy has been tempered by demands from t…

IET rankin

IET research shows majority of children see engineering as male profession

Added: 24 Nov 2017

Research by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) reveals only 9% of children aged be…

Reconditioning large rolling bearings can save downtime and money

Added: 24 Nov 2017

Large rolling bearings often play a critical role in keeping high value production plant operating …