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Bank says better finance would help generate £180 billion-plus for SME manufacturers

Added: 8 Apr 2019

Small to medium-sized manufacturing firms in the UK would boost revenue by an extra £183 billion if…

RAE unveils Seven Wonders of the engineering world to spur recruits

Added: 2 Apr 2019

Clean Water, Gore-Tex fabric and 3D printed bone implants have been listed by a poll of young UK pr…

GE Maintenance

The six rules for successful reactive maintenance and emergency repair

Added: 1 Apr 2019

While much effort in the process industries is placed on predictive maintenance, reactive maintenan…

Renishaw co-founder hailed as one of Ireland’s great inventors

Added: 29 Mar 2019

Renishaw co-founder Sir David McMurtry might be associated with his company’s Gloucestershire home …

Korean boom industry turns to UK firm for pipeline guarantees

Added: 22 May 2019

Asia’s regasification sector is growing and this has increased interest in High Integrity Pressure …

Aramco's SABIC purchase signals Saudi intention to lead in petrochemicals

Added: 27 Mar 2019

Leading oil producer Aramco has purchased a 70% stake in its fellow Saudi enterprise, SABIC, the wo…

Oil and gas seeks more emphasis on energy efficiency from its pumps

Added: 27 Mar 2019

The recent history of the oil and gas sector has been one of ups and downs. It has always expected …

NWED: Women in Engineering Day

Retiring engineers more than double the number of new recruits, reveals data

Added: 25 Mar 2019

Large numbers of engineering workers close to retirement, coupled with a growth in the number of jo…

Pump Industry Awards crown 2019 winners

Added: 22 Mar 2019

Xylem’s Flyght concertor won the Process Engineering-sponsored Product of the Year category at the …

Not all the answers lie in the Cloud, they could be on the Edge

Added: 17 Apr 2019

As connected devices continue to churn out massive amounts of data for analysis, edge computing is …

Hydro “making progress” after attack as experts call for more cyber cooperation

Added: 19 Mar 2019

Renewable energy and aluminium supplier Norsk Hydro, whose holdings include several UK sites, said …

Electronics drives manufacturing growth says Make UK

Added: 19 Mar 2019

Britain’s electronics sector fuelled nearly two thirds of the country’s manufacturing growth last y…

Bara robotics

SAS invests £750 million in AI over three years

Added: 19 Mar 2019

SAS has committed to invest the equivalent of $1 billion (£750 million) in artificial intelligence …

Babcock launches £2.4 million composite test facility with Edinburgh university

Added: 19 Mar 2019

Babcock international is partnering the University of Edinburgh to launch a £2.4 million engineerin…

Non-Destructive Testing apprenticeships win national recognition

Added: 19 Mar 2019

Skills Training UK has been shortlisted for its pioneering work in the development of non-destructi…

Technical advance helps downstream negotiate the petrochemical switch

Added: 19 Mar 2019

“Global energy demand is growing… fuelled by a bigger middle class coming on the market with more c…

Digitalisation could transform oil and gas pumping

Added: 19 Mar 2019

The concept of reliability is both a watchword and in some ways a curse for the oil and gas sector.

Workplace noise is a health issue but how do you locate the source?

Added: 25 Mar 2019

Workplace noise may be a well-documented occupational hazard that can have detrimental effects on w…

Telemetry: the often overlooked Industry 4.0 gain

Added: 18 Jun 2019

You can’t ignore the impact of IIoT in the process sectors but you might miss one low key yet signi…

Relubrication is the key to recycling ball bearings

Added: 3 Apr 2019

Chris Johnson of SMB Bearings explains the sudden surge in popularity of reusing and recycling ball…