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Compressor market eyes innovative future

Added: 13 Jun 2016

Compressors are everywhere, so the manufacturers of these vital bits of kit need to keep innovating…

Premier Oil North Sea platform

Oil & gas jobs plummet by 120,000

| Added: 10 Jun 2016

A new report published by industry trade body Oil & Gas UK reveals that by the end of this year, mo…

Food & drink: finding a recipe for success

| Added: 7 Jun 2016

Demand for wholesome alternatives to unpopular additives is rewriting the rules of food & drink pro…

European Union flag

IMechE referendum poll reveals slim ‘remain’ majority

Added: 1 Jun 2016

A poll conducted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) reveals 56% of its members sup…

Cooling heated elements

Cool comfort for super-heated elements

Added: 29 May 2016

Cooling down super-heated elements with water may sound a simple process, but there are a number of…

Schaeffler’s Smart Check

Condition monitoring takes a remote turn

Added: 29 May 2016

Gone are the days when condition monitoring meant a simple walk-around with a hand-held remote. Now…

Why pump sizing matters

Added: 24 May 2016

Correct pump specification is critical within the process industries. Get it wrong and the costs ca…

oil rig platform

Collaboration ‘vital’ for offshore industry

Added: 19 May 2016

Operators in the UK oil and gas industry are becoming more collaborative, a study by Oil & Gas UK a…

EU referendum – should we stay or should we go?

Added: 16 May 2016

The outcome of the EU referendum could have huge repercussions for British industry. We look at how…

Pharma & bio – the march of modernisation

| Added: 17 May 2016

Giants of the pharmaceutical industry are becoming more flexible as modern processes start to take …

Data is driving the industrial IoT

| Added: 9 May 2016

Plant operators are integrating more data technology to gain a better understanding of their facili…

Manufacturing sparks

CBI outlines manufacturing modernisation plan

Added: 5 May 2016

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is calling on manufacturers and government to join forc…

Manufacturing Barometer

EEF calls for apprenticeship levy delay

Added: 4 May 2016

Manufacturers’ organisation EEF has called on the government to delay the rollout of its Apprentice…

Waste management: smart solutions in the spotlight

| Added: 3 May 2016

Technologies for testing and treating water and solids are coming of age in the quest to squeeze sa…

Fracking shale gas

Fracking ‘unlikely’ to contaminate water

Added: 29 Apr 2016

A study of the abandoned Selby coalfield in Yorkshire suggests fracking is unlikely to pose a pollu…

Analysis: counting the cost of Carbon Capture & Storage cuts

| Added: 28 Apr 2016

Is the lack of joined-up thinking over Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) investment a threat to the UK…

Plastic fears spark UK recall of children’s dairy snacks

Added: 20 Apr 2016

Müller and Sainsbury’s have both recalled children’s dairy snacks over fears of plastic contaminati…

Water industry: turning the tide

| Added: 13 Apr 2016

The water industry may need to consider a very new approach to innovation if it is to triumph over …

Interview: Drax squares up to carbon-mitigation challenge

Added: 11 Apr 2016

Pioneering new methods to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint is one of the most critical issues f…

uk steel edf energy

Ministers meet to discuss steel sale

Added: 6 Apr 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne have met with a number of Welsh politici…