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Multimillion project to transform 400 year old paper plant into thoroughly modern mill

One of Europe's longest-running paper mills, the four centuries old Sappi plant in Gratkorn, Austria is to be transformed into one of the most modern in the world at an estimated cost of €30 million.…

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Martindale strives to keep teams safe with free training resources

With 1,000 serious workplace accidents in the workplace annually and 16% of all fatalities linked to electricity, it’s essential to avoid risks and ensure compliance with Electricity at Work Regulati…

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Experts can’t take the rap for your ATEX compliance

Expert advice is essential when dealing with hazardous areas and ATEX compliancy, but also taking time to train staff produces more efficient and cost-effective outcomes, learns Brian Attwood.


Offshore oil rig

Offshore uncertainty is raising safety concerns

Low oil prices and a major slump in production are creating major safety concerns within the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry.


Process safety April 2016

Process Safety April 2016

This edition of Process Safety looks at the risks posed by chemicals and nanomaterials alongside the best-practice guidelines being introduced to protect researchers and engineers.

We also examine t…