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How an industrial setback produced a heat transfer solution

Added: 10 Dec 2018

An industrial accident caused serious damage to a plant but opened the way for a redesign of proces…

Conservation-focused project gives maximum effectiveness for minimum visibility

Added: 7 Dec 2018

Processing waste is hard enough when there is no mains sewerage available but what about when the p…

AR and VR are the key to 21st century process training

Added: 6 Dec 2018

Our workforce is increasingly tech savvy so it makes sense, says Honeywell’s Sudhir Kamath, to inco…


Anglian trounces Google, Apple and Ikea as best firm to work for

Added: 5 Dec 2018

It's official: the best large firm to work for in Britain in 2019 is a process industry company.

EEF report warns of plunging manufacturing export balance

Added: 4 Dec 2018

British manufacturing’s export balance has halved in the last quarter of 2018, reports the latest E…

BSC helps launch safety drive for India’s 465 million workforce

Added: 4 Dec 2018

The British Safety Council has announced the creation of a forum of international leaders in health…

Storm pumps ensure pump station functions in all weathers

Added: 3 Dec 2018

It may not be grim up North but it certainly rains more in Yorkshire than many other areas. That pu…

Valves industry chief calls for more focus on training existing workforce

Added: 29 Nov 2018

Valve and actuator businesses employ 9,000 people and the industry contributes £3bn to the UK econo…

Bedford knowhow secures a multimillion entry to a new global market

Added: 28 Nov 2018

When one of the world’s biggest fertiliser companies turned to Bedford Pumps for help, it opened up…

Combat work stress and boost productivity says EEF report

Added: 27 Nov 2018

The government has been urged by manufacturers to improve employee access to occupational health pr…

Using new energy technologies to transform business efficiency

Added: 21 Nov 2018

New technologies will allow businesses to better control energy use in order to reduce cost and dri…


Trust me, I’m an engineer… (and 87% of the public does)

Added: 19 Nov 2018

When it comes to trustworthiness, you would be hard-pressed to beat an engineer, reckons a survey o…

north sea

Ineos chief eyes further North Sea growth

Added: 19 Nov 2018

Ineos chief Jim Ratcliffe looks set to extend his firm’s role in North Sea offshore oil and gas, fo…

Diligent duty holders are the key to utility safety

Added: 14 Nov 2018

Ryan Robinson of Bureau Veritas examines the role of duty holders and how improving due diligence i…

Anglian to spend £40 million on leak detection deal

Added: 13 Nov 2018

Utility company Anglian Water has awarded one of the first contracts for the next asset management …

Kids Schools Skills2

EEF launches guide for manufacturing and schools engagement

Added: 13 Nov 2018

The EEF has launched a guide designed to help manufacturers and schools to engage with one another,…

A process sector that lies on the cyber frontline, daily

Added: 12 Nov 2018

Of all the various process industries, the energy and utilities sectors are the most at risk in tod…

Pumps are a vital partner in ensuring efficient energy use

Added: 12 Nov 2018

Pumps as Turbines (PaT) are a symbol of the potential contribution that products from this industry…

Energy & Utilities: Renewables are a lifeline and cyber challenge

Added: 7 Nov 2018

Smarter, cleaner and more efficient energy could save millions and boost process productivity but i…

DuPont safety equipment

Industry and academia pair up for health and safety qualifications offer

Added: 6 Nov 2018

Manufacturers' organisation the EEF has teamed with Portsmouth university to launch two new persona…