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Yorkshire Water awards technical services contracts worth more than £50 million

Added: 7 Jul 2020

Yorkshire Water has awarded technical services contracts with a combined value of £51.4 million.

Nestle apprenctice at work Jordan Phillips

Furlough skews figures but historic low productivity remains an issue

Added: 7 Jul 2020

Office of National Statistics figures for the first three months of the year reveal a fall in UK pr…

Water companies will reap benefits of sharing data with suppliers

Added: 24 Jun 2020

By providing data to equipment providers, water companies would support the design, build and opera…

Automation increases beer production capacity

Added: 12 Jun 2020

A top brewery increased production capacity by 50 percent in a fortnight with Rockwell’s virtualise…

Robotics provides answer for scaling up production

Added: 10 Jun 2020

Artisan beer production often operate at small scale. Robotics offers the cost effective solution t…

Bilfinger's Hinkley £350 million deal creates a matching 350 jobs

Added: 9 Jun 2020

Bilfinger UK has won two contracts worth £350 million for work at EDF’s Hinkley Point C nuclear pow…

Engineering apprentices

Engineering and manufacturing ‘lag behind’ for post-COVID flexible working

Added: 9 Jun 2020

UK manufacturing and engineering firms were among the sectors least prepared to offer flexible work…

Oxford Flow secures £8.45 million to target utilities and industrial sectors

Added: 9 Jun 2020

Flow control equipment specialist Oxford Flow has secured £8.45 million to fuel the company’s expan…

Protect to thrive: meeting the growing cybersecurity threat

Added: 5 Jun 2020

Increasingly sophisticated threats, limited internal experience and a lack of cybersecurity culture…

Factors to consider before postponing statutory inspections

Added: 5 Jun 2020

Many companies find themselves urgently needing to decide whether to postpone major maintenance int…

Why you need XY coordinated for accuracy

Added: 4 Jun 2020

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions’ Jonathan Plummer on the benefits of XY Data and its role in sav…

Telehandle with care for process safety

Added: 27 May 2020

Telehandlers are ubiquitous in many process sectors yet can pose a deadly hazard, warns Brigade Ele…

Bühler honours memory of 'father of optical sorting' Fraenkel

Added: 27 May 2020

Global processing leader Bühler Group paid an official tribute this week to pioneering engineer, th…

High efficiency and low shear pumping solution

Added: 24 May 2020

The UK’s only sugar beet producer needed to combine high efficiency with low shear pumping and velo…

Honeywell to produce 70 mill UK face masks in 18 months

Added: 21 May 2020

Honeywell has launched a new production line in the UK to produce 70 million face masks to support …

Strict safety measures enable RPI to achieve ‘90% production’

Added: 21 May 2020

Specialist inspection systems develop RPI UK says its production capacity is back to 90% since reop…

LED lighting

Lighting for hazardous environments

Added: 20 May 2020

Ken Eddleston of Chalmit discusses the factors companies working in hazardous environments must con…

Knowledge of the right tools is vital for effective mixing and blending

Added: 13 May 2020

Turning solids into liquid isn’t alchemy but it depends upon making the right judgement when choosi…

Manufacturing welcome for furlough scheme extension

Added: 12 May 2020

Make UK chief executive, Stephen Phipson has applauded the Government’s extension and changes to th…

WMFTG finds pumps solution for challenging foodstuff

Added: 8 May 2020

Some pumps find demanding food ingredients too hard to handle without damaging the end product. Wat…