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Digitalisation could transform oil and gas pumping

Added: 19 Mar 2019

The concept of reliability is both a watchword and in some ways a curse for the oil and gas sector.

Funders seek Brexit opportunity from process industries

Added: 26 Feb 2019

A leading SME finance platform claims that UK energy companies are likely to benefit from a growth …

Process industry lies at the heart of a leading UK attraction

Added: 1 Feb 2019

Pumps don’t only have to perform in plants and factories. Process sector work can be taking place i…

Wylfa Newydd

Wylfa decision 'will damage UK nuclear manufacturing supply chain'

Added: 17 Jan 2019

Process leaders have reacted with dismay to Hitachi’s announcement that it will halt construction o…

Manufacturers in North West ‘desperate’ for Brexit clarity

Added: 26 Oct 2018

Manufacturers in the North West of England are “desperate for clarity” as Brexit negotiations reach…

Autumn Budget: ‘UK manufacturers need support as Brexit approaches’

Added: 24 Oct 2018

Caroline Milton, manufacturing head at accountancy firm Menzies LLP, looks ahead to the Budget on M…

Brexit a growing influence on UK firms’ decision to delay investment increases

Added: 1 Oct 2018

The UK’s low productivity performance is likely to dip further as British businesses withhold inves…

Aim later to recruit more female engineers, says report

Added: 11 Sep 2018

New Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) research suggests the key to recruiting more young…

Health and safety training needs to support innovation

Added: 22 Aug 2018

To develop a proactive health and safety culture that encourages innovation and better performance,…

Picking vacuum technology for chemical and pharma processing

Added: 25 Jul 2018

Selecting the right vacuum technology for chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications is of…

Rotating equipment requires thought about bearings

Added: 11 Jul 2018

Michelle Knott discovers that it’s vital to put bearings on the agenda in any discussion about the …

A guide to picking the right blower for wastewater aeration

Added: 12 Jun 2018

Aeration is a key process within wastewater treatment plants, forming the secondary treatment stage…

Sheffield AMRC gets safety compliance under the COSHH

Added: 9 May 2018

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) specialises in carrying out world class research …

There’s still room for tradition in condition monitoring

Added: 25 Apr 2018

Modern condition monitoring means smart sensors, data analysis in the Cloud, and artificial intelli…

It’s time we treated our fourth utility – compressed air – with proper attention

Added: 11 Apr 2018

For manufacturers and engineers across the UK, compressed air is just as important as gas and elect…

Storage specialist Plasticon UK put into administration

Added: 4 Apr 2018

Plasticon UK Limited, the Hull-based storage tanks and industrial piping manufacturer, has gone int…

Waste water treatment plant

EnviroChemie purchases Clearfleau

Added: 4 Apr 2018

German water brand EnviroChemie has taken control leading UK effluent treatment firm Clearfleau.

UKOOG says shale announcement will help secure domestic gas supply

Added: 3 Apr 2018

UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) chief executive Ken Cronin has hailed completion of the country’s fi…

Tata backing helps revolutionary pumps device break US market

Added: 3 Apr 2018

A Scottish firm which pioneered an intelligent device for preventing wastewater pipe blockages has …

Netzsch tackles an ATEX pumps challenge for chemical manufacturer

Added: 29 Mar 2018

European commercial and industrial companies must comply with strict regulations regarding manufact…