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New Fluke infrared cameras designed for increased thermal sensitivity

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 15 Jan 2018

Fluke has introduced upgraded versions of two of its best-selling infrared cameras.

Thermal imager bundles from Fluke come with free lens

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 25 Sep 2017

Until 31 December 2017, Fluke is offering thermal imager kits that include a free telephoto lens (F…

Fluke vibration meter bundle includes sensor for hard-to-reach locations

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 19 Sep 2017

For a limited time period, until 31 December 2017, Fluke is offering a 16% saving when purchasing a…

New Fluke 729 aims for accuracy and efficiency in critical calibrations

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 23 May 2017

The Fluke 729 automatic pressure calibrator simplifies the calibration process by generating precis…

Energy saving is the subject of Fluke’s next CPD-accredited webinar

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 15 May 2017

The third of Fluke’s series of free CPD-accredited webinars, running throughout 2017, is titled ‘En…

Fluke ProcessMeter test tool combines DMM and calibrator features

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 4 Apr 2017

The Fluke 787B ProcessMeter combines the power of an industrial safety-rated digital multimeter (DM…

Fluke infrared cameras combine data for R&D analysis

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 24 Jan 2017

Fluke has introduced a new software feature that integrates high-resolution thermal data from the c…

Fluke infrared cameras to provide images in challenging conditions

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 23 Nov 2016

Fluke’s two new infrared cameras are set to deliver 640 x 480 image quality for fast detection of m…

Fluke guides zone in on improving chemical processes

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 30 Aug 2016

Fluke is customising a package of instruments and HowTo guides for the chemical industry.

Fluke focuses on electrical power in training package

Fluke UK Ltd | Added: 15 Aug 2016

Fluke’s Electrical Power Explained (EPE) is a new training package to teach end users more about po…

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