Magnetrol International UK

Magnetrol International UK
Unit 1, Regent Business Centre
Jubilee Rd
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9TL
United Kingdom

Latest Articles

Magnetrol focuses on what makes measurement matter

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 4 Dec 2018

In a company’s plant, every level measurement matters. The efficiency, productivity and safety of t…

Magnetrol puts its overfill protection resources to work

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 6 Nov 2018

Tank overfill is a constant safety concern for any storage terminal site, and for good reason. Fail…

Magnetrol makes efficiency, reliability and safety the priorities in level control

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 11 Sep 2018

Rag layers, foam and mud tanks. Scrubbers, shakers and steam. There are no excuses when you need th…

Magnetrol Eclipse transmitter’s SNR means improved level control

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 5 Sep 2018

Magnetrol’s Eclipse Model 706 features an innovative (patent-pending) design concept – Diode Switch…

Reliable mass measurement for air and gas flow applications from Magnetrol

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 31 Jul 2018

Magnetrol’s Thermatel Model TA2 thermal mass flow transmitter provides reliable mass measurement fo…

Magnetrol’s Pulsar R86 – the ‘smarter non-contact radar transmitter’

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 9 May 2018

With improved performance, circular polarisation, high-temperature/high-pressure antennas and advan…

Magnetrol introduces its non-contact radar transmitter for level control

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 15 Jan 2018

Having “changed the game” with guided wave radar, Magnetrol says it is about to change the way clie…

Magnetrol looks to better signal-to-noise ratio for improved level control

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 14 Nov 2017

Guided wave radar represents the standard for accurate, reliable level measurement, says Magnetrol,…

Magnetrol liquid level switches tackle tough applications

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 12 Sep 2017

Magnetrol prides itself on being the manufacturer of the first magnetic switch designed for safe, a…

Magnetrol Pulsar provides smart radar transmitter for level control

Magnetrol International UK | Added: 13 Jun 2017

The Magnetrol Pulsar Model R86 non-contact radar transmitter has been designed to offer improved pe…

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