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PCM tackles the most challenging of applications in food processes

PCM Group UK LTD | Added: 12 Feb 2020

PCM Group UK prides itself on understanding food production processes from ingredient arrival to fi…

PCM’s proud history in dosing and filling for the food industries

PCM Group UK LTD | Added: 20 Nov 2019

To dose accurately the most varied food ingredients and to fill containers of any kind to ever high…

Achieving cost-effective accuracy with PCM’s injection and dosing systems

PCM Group UK LTD | Added: 14 Aug 2019

PCM’s technology addresses key problems that affect manufacturers who need reliable injection and d…

PCM compact cavity pump praised for reliability and quality performance

PCM Group UK LTD | Added: 21 May 2019

PCM’s Ecomoineau M is billed as the most compact progressing cavity pump on the market, combining h…

PCM HyCare is created with cutting-edge fluid dynamics

PCM Group UK LTD | Added: 24 Oct 2016

PCM HyCare, the sanitary progressing cavity pump designed for food applications, features a patente…

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