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Saltire Union Jack Scottish independence

For oil’s sake?

Added: 16 Sep 2014

If Scottish independence is about oil, then the truth is that Scotland has missed the boat. Thursda…

Drax biomass conversion

The death of biomass conversions

Added: 27 Aug 2014

The government’s legal victory over Drax has rendered future conversions of coal plants to biomass …

Forty-nine per cent of industry representatives claim skills shortages are their main barrier to gro

Does gender matter?

Added: 1 Aug 2014

Does it really matter what proportion of the engineering profession is male and what proportion is …

Cuadrilla shale site

Reshuffle: What now for shale?

Added: 16 Jul 2014

Yesterday the shale oil & gas industry lost one of its most effective political champions to the Mi…

Skills kids2

Engineering, Engineering, Engineering

Added: 11 Jun 2014

Education, Education, Education. Tony Blair’s famous 1997 speech on the importance of education cou…

Mark Cavendish Kevlar helmet

Engineering sporting brilliance

Added: 28 May 2014

Here at Process Engineering we aim to please. As the Brazil World Cup approaches, followed by Wimbl…

Carbon sponge

Climate change – why bother?

Added: 16 Apr 2014

Does a renewed focus on adapting to climate change mean we should give up on trying to prevent it?

Cyber security

Happily ever after?

Added: 8 Apr 2014

Today marks the end of support for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system - but what effect will i…

Pharmaceutical industry must focus on manufacturing

A dose of growth

Added: 2 Apr 2014

After decades of focussing on research & development in pursuit of the next blockbuster drug, big p…

Dominion Cove Point LNG

LNG & a new cold war?

Added: 25 Mar 2014

It looks increasingly likely that gas will not only replace nuclear as the topic of choice in the N…


A biomass mess (again)

Added: 12 Mar 2014

The government looks as though it will now be lucky to fill its arbitrary 400MW cap for new biomass…

Drax Power Plant 2

Does industrial growth really matter?

Added: 5 Mar 2014

Over the past month or so we have heard a great deal from our political leaders about how passionat…

BP chemicals plant facility

If China falls, will the UK rise?

Added: 17 Feb 2014

The BBC tomorrow airs a programme investigating the dangerously-high levels of debt sustaining Chin…

Chemical Plant

Homeward bound

Added: 12 Feb 2014

If, like me, you watched this weekend’s episode of the BBC show Top Gear, you would have seen their…

Horsemeat scandal - food fraud

Wholly Cow?

Added: 5 Feb 2014

A year has passed since some frozen beef lasagnes were found to have more of an equine flavour to t…

GSK process safety module

Beating Asia on price

Added: 22 Jan 2014

This week I met the boss of a UK firm that exports worldwide and is able to compete with rivals in …

Cuadrilla shale site

The year ahead

Added: 15 Jan 2014

Happy New Year. It looks as though 2014 is, like last year, going to be a year where energy dominat…

Chemical Plant

Energy & the global game

Added: 18 Dec 2013

At this time of Christmas Carols, there is a growing chorus of chemicals company bosses crying out …

Kids Schools Skills2

How to kill a love of science

Added: 11 Dec 2013

All children are born with an innate love of science, so why are so many switched off from STEM sub…

Kurt Bock

Lunch with the BASF boss

Added: 27 Nov 2013

Last Friday I headed down to Mayfair to meet BASF chairman Kurt Bock, who over lunch gave me a fasc…