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Chemical Plant

Avoiding blackouts…at any cost?

Added: 13 Nov 2013

Yesterday I was speaking to Dr John Roberts, who chaired the Royal Academy of Engineering group tha…

Centralised control room

Control rooms play catch-up

Added: 5 Nov 2013

They are present in most households and even my three-year old can operate one, so why are process …

EDF Hinkley Point C nuclear power wide

Nuclear engineers - Made in China?

Added: 16 Oct 2013

The headline of my editorial last week attracted plenty of criticism, with some accusing me of deni…

British Mens Cycling Team Pursuit

Engineers aren’t Made in China

Added: 3 Oct 2013

Engineers need to stop moaning about public perception and instead do what they do best: analyse th…

Centralised control room

Help the aged’s successors

Added: 25 Sep 2013

Are DCS suppliers really helping control room operators and their successors with their new technol…

Invensys Foxboro Evo DCS

French kissing in Texas

Added: 13 Sep 2013

Optimism abounds among Invesnsys staff at its users conference in Texas, with few fearing the impen…

Shale gas

Trust me, I'm a fracker

Added: 28 Aug 2013

Trust is not enough when it comes to easing fracking pollution fears.

Atlas Copco balloon

Summer Spending Spree

Added: 21 Aug 2013

The football transfer markets are feeble compared to the money changing hands in the process indust…

George Osborne

Don't butcher Osborne's cash cow

Added: 14 Aug 2013

Biomass is a risky choice for one of the first direct investments by a pension fund into new-build …

Coffee roasting

Can you process me a decent coffee?

Added: 6 Aug 2013

Food and drink may be the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, but I can’t stand instant coffee.


A Biomass mess

Added: 31 Jul 2013

The government needs to stop pussy-footing around and make up its mind on whether it is for or agai…

Cuadrilla shale site

Let technology rule shale safety debate

Added: 19 Jul 2013

My first week as editor of Process Engineering has been dominated by events surrounding the UK’s pr…

Fertiliser plant, West, Texas

Are we learning the lessons?

Added: 3 Jul 2013

The process sectors need to take on-board the lessons learned from recent disasters. Patrick Raleig…

  AA frackiing Shale 22

Shale at a snail's pace

Added: 1 May 2013

Progress with the development and exploitation of the UK’s indigenous shale gas resources offers a …


Industry's safety record is just not good enough

Added: 23 Apr 2013

London – Harrison firefighters battle blaze at plant … Dexter wastewater treatment plant explosion …

Eni chemicals plant

Carbon vote a victory for EU industry

Added: 16 Apr 2013

London – MEPs have narrowly voted down a proposal in the European Parliament to rescue the EU’s ail…

skils minister hancock2

Factory visits are not enough

Added: 2 Apr 2013

London – For the past couple of years or so it has been hard to avoid TV images of ministers – usua…

Drax Power Plant 2

The truth about energy?

Added: 26 Mar 2013

London – This week sees a further widening of the chasm between the Government’s view of the UK’s e…

BIU energy2

Shale gas a turning point?

Added: 22 Mar 2013

London – Forget the improved deals around national insurance, R&D tax credits, and even the surpris…

jenny apprentice2

Job swap

Added: 14 Mar 2013

Following all the recent hype about apprenticeships it is surprising to see a worthwhile initiative…