UK shale “within 10 years”

A letter leaked to Friends of the Earth (FoE) reveals government plans to implement industrial-scale shale gas production within 10 years, the environmental group said.

Portable SmartFID TOC analyser

Gas analyser measures solvents

Quantitech has been appointed exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for ErsaTec, a manufacturer of gas analysers for the measurement of organic gases such as solvents and fuels.

Shale drilling illustration

Fracking quick

Is the government’s decision to ‘fast-track’ fracking applications a misguided masterstroke?

Liz Fletcher, Beamex

Calibration: Field factors

The case for calibrating equipment in either a workshop or the field is not always black and white, writes Liz Fletcher from Beamex

Teesside process industry cluster CCS

Teesside bids to secure industrial future

Process companies hand government detailed plans for industrial carbon capture and storage network in North East England.