Oil & Gas


UK shale “within 10 years”

A letter leaked to Friends of the Earth (FoE) reveals government plans to implement industrial-scale shale gas production within 10 years, the environmental group said.

Energy Institute offers skills boost to industry

The energy industry is a sector in a constant state of change, which means maintaining and developing energy professionals’ competence is of paramount importance.

Shale drilling illustration

Pump up the volume

Pumps and valves technology will have to adapt if shale gas is ever to be extracted in the UK.

Liz Fletcher, Beamex

Calibration: Field factors

The case for calibrating equipment in either a workshop or the field is not always black and white, writes Liz Fletcher from Beamex

MIcro-generation: a new frontier for process control

Micro-generation: a new frontier

The UK’s rapidly growing waste-to-energy market is catching the eye of control technology firms.