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Jacopa MBR technology makes the cut for meat processors

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are used to meet the stringent treated effluent standards in wastewater treatment and reuse applications and where small footprint dictates using a more intense and …

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Water recycling achieves a full circle

What would those great Victorian public health pioneers John Snow and Joseph Bazalgette have made of today’s ‘toilet to tap’ approach to water usage in that hub of technological innovation, Californi…

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Predictive maintenance guarantees safe water

When drinking water supply could have been compromised by the threat of bearing defects and the solution was either 24 hour manual monitoring or effective predictive maintenance, Schaeffler enabled o…


Teesside process industry cluster CCS

Teesside bids to secure industrial future

Process companies hand government detailed plans for industrial carbon capture and storage network in North East England.