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Viewpoint: wooing the Generation Z workforce

Added: 15 Nov 2016

If industry is to recruit from the new generation joining the workforce – otherwise known as Genera…

Materials: measuring graphene’s composite conundrum

Added: 8 Nov 2016

The market for graphene is still in its infancy, but this material is already being hailed as one o…

Chemical challenge – UK industry seeks fresh industrial strategy

Added: 8 Nov 2016

Manufacturers are fighting for change in an already volatile industry, writes Robert Smith.

Case study: data tool brings speedier analysis to energy-from-waste site

Added: 2 Nov 2016

A fresh approach to data analysis has reaped benefits at a large energy-from-waste facility in West…

Waste & environment: the growing importance of emissions monitoring

Added: 1 Nov 2016

Tracking rogue emissions from industrial processes is becoming an increasingly high-tech endeavour,…

Case study: variable-speed drives score a pumping station victory

Added: 25 Oct 2016

Surface water pumping station doubles its pump potential with variable-speed drives installation.

Viewpoint: giving control valves a clean bill of health

Added: 25 Oct 2016

Keeping control valves hygienic both inside and out is a far more complex process than it might see…

Spoilt for choice – the rights and wrongs of pump selection

Added: 25 Oct 2016

Pumps exist for virtually every process scenario, but get your selection wrong and the consequences…

Show preview: Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring

Added: 17 Oct 2016

The Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring exhibition opens in Telford next month.

Plant equipment: steering the way to motor efficiency

Added: 17 Oct 2016

Making sure industrial motors are running as efficiently as possible can be a tricky business, writ…

Case study: brewery benefits from bringing in new PLC

Added: 10 Oct 2016

A small-scale US brewery introduced a programmable logic controller to its operations, resulting in…

Viewpoint: keeping motion control systems safe from hack attacks

Added: 10 Oct 2016

As Industry 4.0 begins to take shape, it’s time to properly protect motion control systems from cyb…

Networking: the cost of bad communication

Rob Smith | Added: 10 Oct 2016

Industry is fighting against a tide of inadequate networking systems, while also attempting to unif…

Viewpoint: sniffing out a solution to foul food smells

Added: 4 Oct 2016

Foul odours caused by poor wastewater management can result in a variety of problems for food and b…

Food & drink: tackling the threat of product recalls

Louisa Hearn | Added: 3 Oct 2016

Product recalls are an unwelcome feature in the manufacturing landscape, so what will it take to ma…

Case study: new packaging technology on the bread line

Added: 25 Sep 2016

Bakery expands its production capabilities with the installation of new automation technology.

Viewpoint: DCS and PLC – spot the difference

Added: 25 Sep 2016

EU Automation’s Mark Proctor offers an analysis of distributed control systems and programmable log…

Taking control: beating the hackers with better security

Rob Smith | Added: 25 Sep 2016

Would-be hackers have a fight on their hands as control system manufacturers beef up the security f…

Show preview: Northern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016

Added: 19 Sep 2016

This ever-expanding exhibition returns to Manchester at the end of September.

Plant equipment: why boilers beat at the heart of industry

Added: 19 Sep 2016

Manufacturing facilities are starting to reap the rewards of more advanced industrial boilers, writ…