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Show Preview: Hazardex 2017

Added: 15 Feb 2017

The Hazardex 2017 international conference and exhibition returns to Runcorn, Cheshire for the seco…

Viewpoint: use cyber sense to safeguard industrial control networks

Added: 14 Feb 2017

MAC Solutions’ Tim Ricketts provides some useful tips for businesses looking to improve the securit…

Minding the gap between being data rich and insight poor

Added: 14 Feb 2017

In the new frontier of engineering technology, collecting data is everything. Yet the path to disco…

Viewpoint: gas tech innovations bring speedy safety solutions

Added: 7 Feb 2017

Honeywell’s Thomas Negre identifies the latest trends in gas detection technology.

Viewpoint: the pressure is on to filter out contamination

Added: 7 Feb 2017

The importance of contamination control in hydraulic systems should not be underestimated, says Bri…

Plant maintenance: how to assess the ageing process

Added: 6 Feb 2017

Where safety dictates, a need to understand equipment condition and identify assets at risk is crit…

Viewpoint: load cell digital technology fills an efficiency gap

Added: 30 Jan 2017

Load cells can save substantial costs by preventing product overfilling and avoiding penalties incu…

Plant Equipment: weighing up the options for increased productivity

Added: 30 Jan 2017

Multi-head weighers make for faster packaging, but not at the expense of accurate measurement. The …

Oil & gas: calmer waters ahead in 2017?

Added: 30 Jan 2017

Oil and gas is showing signs of improvement, but innovation and development will be driven by an ov…

Case study: bespoke upgrade is perfect solution for energy firm

Added: 24 Jan 2017

Energy provider injects business with centrifugal pump upgrade.

Viewpoint: pick the right pumps to handle tricky liquids

Added: 24 Jan 2017

When faced with the task of pumping difficult fluids, it is important to understand the potential p…

Food & drink: monitoring the cost of faulty pumps

Added: 24 Jan 2017

Defective pumps can interrupt food production at considerable cost. Little wonder condition monitor…

Viewpoint: the key to increased efficiency through analytics

Added: 17 Jan 2017

SolutionsPT’s Andy Graham looks at the role of automation software and data analytics in unlocking …

Viewpoint: can acquisition systems keep pace with the Age of Data?

Added: 17 Jan 2017

Demand for data has exploded in recent years and it’s time acquisition software caught up with the …

Detecting progress in level measurement systems

Added: 16 Jan 2017

Greg Pitcher discovers how manufacturers are continuing to benefit from the speed and accuracy of n…

Hazard perception: the smart way to save lives in the process industry

Added: 10 Jan 2017

Having the right knowledge and the right technology could help prevent a process industry disaster,…

Viewpoint: five steps to defusing explosive situations

Added: 10 Jan 2017

Five steps can help ensure processes that carry the risk of explosion are managed safely and comply…

Plant maintenance: measuring trends in calibration

Added: 10 Jan 2017

In today’s industrial environment, the skills and technology requirements are constantly changing –…

Plant Equipment: how efficient are thermal fluid systems?

Added: 3 Jan 2017

Thermal fluid-based heat transfer systems offer an efficient alternative to the steam variety, but …

Food and drink: the vital contribution of product recovery

Added: 3 Jan 2017

As consumer choice increases, the advantages of hygienic, cost-effective and eco-friendly product r…