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Case study: monitoring is the key to water flow

Added: 22 May 2017

Standalone monitoring ensures bearing faults don’t result in a loss of water supply.

Case study: shipshape revamp for Grimsby pumping station

Added: 22 May 2017

The flood defence pump station at Grimsby Docks has had an overhaul.

Improved use of resources drives development in the water industry

Added: 22 May 2017

At a time when operating margins in water and wastewater are under growing pressure, the need to co…

Case study: control system expertise helps to cut factory’s build times

Added: 17 May 2017

Dispensing equipment supplier Meter Mix has seen its machine build times reduced by up to 20% since…

Viewpoint: what can be learnt from the ‘Lego principle’

Added: 15 May 2017

Plants based on the ‘Lego principle’ of modular automation are the solution to volatile markets in …

Thought control: agile SCADA systems reduce downtime

Added: 15 May 2017

The Internet of Things and software standardisation are enabling process plants to act more flexibl…

Viewpoint: take no prisoners in the war against rust

Added: 9 May 2017

A pre-emptive defence is the best tactic in the war on rust. NCH Europe’s Peter Crossen explains wh…

On guard: how crucial risk assessment is to machine safety

Added: 8 May 2017

Risk assessment is as vital as it ever was in maintaining machine safety, writes Greg Pitcher.

Maintaining motion: the cost-effectiveness of lubrication

Added: 8 May 2017

Business leaders in industrial production environments are under constant pressure to cut costs and…

Plant equipment: steam is heating and cooling’s reliable medium

Added: 3 May 2017

Steam is a highly effective medium for industrial heating and cooling,
but in order to get the best …

Food & drink: an industry facing some difficult choices

Added: 2 May 2017

With a quarter of its workforce and a majority of imports and exports deriving from the EU, plus a …

Viewpoint: raising the alarm on cyber security

Added: 25 Apr 2017

EU Automation’s Jonathan Wilkins discusses three cyber security pitfalls that industry should prepa…

Engineering the future: people are the key component in mastering Industry 4.0

Added: 25 Apr 2017

The fourth industrial revolution is all about modern technology, mass connectivity and the diversif…

More than zero: SMEs are vital for the progress of connectivity

Added: 25 Apr 2017

Smaller firms often feel left behind or daunted by Industry 4.0, but that can be down to perception…

Case study: Siemens ‘ferment’ change for Dorset family brewery

Added: 17 Apr 2017

Siemens know-how enabled a family brewer to improve its fermentation process while maintaining its …

Viewpoint: closing in on the divide between IT and OT

Added: 17 Apr 2017

Stratus Solutions’ Andy Bailey gives his view on whether bringing together information technology a…

Want to maintain food quality? Time to keep on testing

Added: 17 Apr 2017

Every mistake during processing and packaging in the food industry can lead to a drastic loss in qu…

Viewpoint: time to rethink the need for safety gloves?

Added: 10 Apr 2017

Globus’ Nick Green considers the case for wearing safety gloves in a modern engineering process.

Viewpoint: how cloud-based systems make monitoring accessible

Added: 10 Apr 2017

Condition monitoring no longer needs to be restricted to highly skilled, experienced engineers, tha…

Wireless is key when it comes down to gas detection

Added: 10 Apr 2017

Companies across the process industry are increasingly adopting technological solutions that provid…