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How phased system upgrades can save on downtime and money

While most firms working in the food processing industry want to upgrade their systems, doing so raises daunting downtime and cost implications. But when solutions are found, the benefits are obvious…


Biopharma Group can customise training to meet specific requirements

Institute presents apprenticeships blueprint for UK industry’s new era

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education has highlighted eight key occupations in the engineering and process sectors that should be prioritised for new training schemes.

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Oil and gas have incentives to embrace the new

Most sectors within the process industries have their rugged aspects, where the demands on the workforce and innovative technology may be the most onerous.

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Industry analysis: unleashing the potential of the IIoT

Technologies that connect us to the Internet of Things already exist, but don’t expect everyone to buy into the phenomenon just yet, writes Robert Smith.