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Kemira completes staged expansion for water treatment chemicals production

Global chemicals company Kemira has completed the final stage production capacity expansion in the UK, enabling annual production of ferric based water treatment chemicals at its Goole site has been …

Katronic flowmeters simplify fire pump verification for SPP

SPP Pumps has used Katronic clamp-on flowmeters to provide pump verification for the insurance requirements of a major kitchen manufacturer, proving that the installed pumps were capable of pumping w…

How phased system upgrades can save on downtime and money

While most firms working in the food processing industry want to upgrade their systems, doing so raises daunting downtime and cost implications. But when solutions are found, the benefits are obvious…

Industry analysis: unleashing the potential of the IIoT

Technologies that connect us to the Internet of Things already exist, but don’t expect everyone to buy into the phenomenon just yet, writes Robert Smith.

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