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Industry calls for end to isolation for fully vaccinated as production begins to stop

Britain’s manufacturers are calling for the August 16 date to mark an end to self-isolation for those fully vaccinated to be brought forward on the back of “clear evidence” of the impact of ‘pinging’…

Chemicals sector finds Brexit's sunlit uplands hard to REACH

Brexit’s sunlit uplands are proving difficult to access and, for one sector at least, the blame for this problem cannot be pinned on one year of lockdown.

Track ’n’ trace: Measurement underpins commercial operations

Evolving demands on industry require a more holistic approach to support a greater emphasis on traceability in flow measurement and control, coupled with regular inventory checks.

Industry analysis: unleashing the potential of the IIoT

Technologies that connect us to the Internet of Things already exist, but don’t expect everyone to buy into the phenomenon just yet, writes Robert Smith.

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