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Oil and gas have incentives to embrace the new

Added: 28 Oct 2021

Most sectors within the process industries have their rugged aspects, where the demands on the work…

Necessity is the midwife to innovation in pumping

Added: 28 Oct 2021

Necessity is credited in the often-repeated proverb as being the mother of invention. The truth is …

Remember to count industry among the climate worriers

Added: 13 May 2019

The appearances of the youthful environmentalist Greta Thunberg have drawn some predictably Old Buf…

Technical advance helps downstream negotiate the petrochemical switch

Added: 19 Mar 2019

“Global energy demand is growing… fuelled by a bigger middle class coming on the market with more c…

Digitalisation could transform oil and gas pumping

Added: 19 Mar 2019

The concept of reliability is both a watchword and in some ways a curse for the oil and gas sector.

When you invest in pumps, you invest in industry's future

Added: 12 Sep 2018

Beyond the sectors in which they operate, pumps have a profile so low that they might as well be no…

Like football, pumps expertise requires thinking outside the box...

Added: 3 Sep 2018

“A competent pump supplier is somewhat like a competent coach, they should be able to offer more th…

Industry strategy can't wait for Westminster

Added: 3 Sep 2018

Government and industry appear to occupy two parallel universes when it comes to the subject of 29 …

Investing in pumps modernisation is essential for survival

Added: 8 May 2018

It’s a bald reminder to anyone who assesses a product’s overall cost purely on the basis of its pri…

Subsea platform

Another dimension for pumps

Added: 6 Apr 2018

The traditional belief in the oil and gas industry that reliability needs to come first where techn…

Brand new age for STEM recruitment

Added: 22 Mar 2018

Words such as branding and marketing are, one suspects, anathema to the average engineer.

Editor’s comment: hope amidst the turmoil for oil & gas?

Rob Smith | Added: 11 Jul 2016

The UK’s oil and gas industry is in a state of turmoil. The price of oil plummeted from a high of r…

Shale drilling illustration

Pump up the volume

Added: 2 Nov 2015

Pumps and valves technology will have to adapt if shale gas is ever to be extracted in the UK.

Cyber security

Hacked off?

Added: 22 Sep 2015

Microsoft’s new operating system (OS) Windows 10 was officially launched in July. But how has it af…

Shale drilling illustration

Fracking quick

Added: 19 Aug 2015

Is the government’s decision to ‘fast-track’ fracking applications a misguided masterstroke?

Gas detection

Have a safe summer

Added: 3 Jun 2015

So summer is here, and there’s more than whiff of safety issues in the air.

Buncefield fire

Safety: a ticking timebomb

Added: 11 Mar 2015

Later this year the process industry will mark an anniversary it would prefer to forget: 10 years s…

David Cameron IGas shale gas site visit

Shale ambiguity helps nobody

Added: 16 Feb 2015

Delaying vital decisions on shale gas development until after the general election doesn’t help sup…

Murphy Oil Milford Haven refinery

The next Milford Haven?

Added: 17 Dec 2014

Oil prices may be tumbling, Russia may be brought to its knees, but for Europe’s refineries little …

Cuadrilla site

It’s the economics, stupid

Added: 5 Nov 2014

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on fracking. But what exactly are those opinions based on?