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Editor’s comment: why engineering needs an upgrade

Rob Smith | Added: 15 Nov 2016

One of the first topics I was fortunate enough to write about for Process Engineering magazine was …

NWED: Women in Engineering Day

Editor's comment: tackling the issue of female representation

Rob Smith | Added: 23 Jun 2016

Despite major efforts in recent years to dramatically increase numbers, just 6% of the UK’s registe…

Kids Schools Skills2

Mission inspiration or mission impossible?

Added: 3 Nov 2015

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and help bridge the skil…

Pounds sterling

Time to pay up

Added: 5 Aug 2015

Male engineers often get paid more than female engineers and it’s a problem that will only serve to…

Forty-nine per cent of industry representatives claim skills shortages are their main barrier to gro

Look forward

Added: 8 Jul 2015

Engineers must be forward-looking to attract the young people their profession and this country so …

EU Flag

Continuity Britain?

Added: 13 May 2015

British industry may be relieved that the electorate voted for stability last week, but already the…

Nuclear engineers

Engineering’s election

Added: 29 Apr 2015

Engineering has come into the spotlight like never before during this general election campaign.

Buncefield fire

Safety: a ticking timebomb

Added: 11 Mar 2015

Later this year the process industry will mark an anniversary it would prefer to forget: 10 years s…

Forty-nine per cent of industry representatives claim skills shortages are their main barrier to gro

Does gender matter?

Added: 1 Aug 2014

Does it really matter what proportion of the engineering profession is male and what proportion is …

Skills kids2

Engineering, Engineering, Engineering

Added: 11 Jun 2014

Education, Education, Education. Tony Blair’s famous 1997 speech on the importance of education cou…

Mark Cavendish Kevlar helmet

Engineering sporting brilliance

Added: 28 May 2014

Here at Process Engineering we aim to please. As the Brazil World Cup approaches, followed by Wimbl…

Kids Schools Skills2

How to kill a love of science

Added: 11 Dec 2013

All children are born with an innate love of science, so why are so many switched off from STEM sub…

British Mens Cycling Team Pursuit

Engineers aren’t Made in China

Added: 3 Oct 2013

Engineers need to stop moaning about public perception and instead do what they do best: analyse th…

Centralised control room

Help the aged’s successors

Added: 25 Sep 2013

Are DCS suppliers really helping control room operators and their successors with their new technol…


Integration can help bridge skills gaps

Added: 9 Jan 2013

‘Integrated industry’ has been dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, following on from the steam…

dragons den2

Industry needs more celebrities

Added: 30 Oct 2012

Well done to Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis for signing up be patron of The Skills Show at the NEC…

Apprentice ATG skills2

Are UK apprentices being short-changed?

Added: 19 Sep 2012

London – The Government is currently seeking to incentivise the rapid creation of many thousands of…

Safety conference

Debating skills - Comment added

Added: 1 Sep 2012

Process Engineering is to host a lunchtime debate, titled ‘Barriers to Training and Achievement’, d…

ICL control room for carbon capture plant

Student capture and storage

Added: 25 May 2012

The UK is training just over a third of the 30,000 new graduates needed to bridge the skills gap in…

Getting the ‘skills gap’ right

Added: 1 Oct 2011

London — Much of the effort going in to address the skills and training needs of the process indust…