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After the COP26 show time, now It’s ‘how?’ time

Added: 10 Dec 2021

If we park the non-attendance of two of the world’s largest countries and greatest polluters, COP26…

Clean machines

Added: 4 Feb 2021

The crucial role of pumping systems in influencing the world’s energy usage for better or worse is …

Digitalisation could transform oil and gas pumping

Added: 19 Mar 2019

The concept of reliability is both a watchword and in some ways a curse for the oil and gas sector.

We must help MPs understand the importance of the process industries

Added: 6 Nov 2017

There is, we know, a substantial job of work to do in terms of enabling the rest of the United King…

Gas detection

Have a safe summer

Added: 3 Jun 2015

So summer is here, and there’s more than whiff of safety issues in the air.

Buncefield fire

Safety: a ticking timebomb

Added: 11 Mar 2015

Later this year the process industry will mark an anniversary it would prefer to forget: 10 years s…

Sellafield nuclear facility

Sellafield: too big to be private

Added: 14 Jan 2015

Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey made a startling admission yesterday as he informed pa…

Murphy Oil Milford Haven refinery

The next Milford Haven?

Added: 17 Dec 2014

Oil prices may be tumbling, Russia may be brought to its knees, but for Europe’s refineries little …

National Grid

The big turnoff

Added: 22 Oct 2014

Energy management has officially come of age.

Horsemeat scandal - food fraud

Wholly Cow?

Added: 5 Feb 2014

A year has passed since some frozen beef lasagnes were found to have more of an equine flavour to t…

Atlas Copco balloon

Summer Spending Spree

Added: 21 Aug 2013

The football transfer markets are feeble compared to the money changing hands in the process indust…

Cyber care in the community

Added: 26 Jun 2012

Cyber attacks on UK industrial companies, including those targeting control and automation systems,…


Can Twitter improve safety and productivity?

Added: 12 Jun 2012

Many major accidents in the process industries could be avoided if companies were more switched on …

Turning a blind eye to workers' role in safety

Added: 14 May 2012

London – Plant operators and technicians are clearly on the frontline of things when it comes to pr…

HSE inspectors to become industry 'traffic wardens'?

Added: 21 Oct 2011

London — The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is proposing to charge industry for any ‘material brea…

Take a tablet, and some paper

Added: 16 Sep 2011

London — At the recent official opening of Bentley Systems’ new London office, CEO Greg Bentley gav…