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Cyber threats at record levels in UK warns report

New data on cybersecurity trends by a leading expert in the field claims the private and public sectors face “an even more precarious threat landscape to navigate”.

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Planning gains

History provides numerous instances of catastrophic events providing the catalyst for radical economic and societal changes. Like its predecessors from the Black Death onwards, the current pandemic’s…

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In-house solution produces answer to gas supply inconsistencies

The best equipment couldn’t perform its best when an essential gas supply fell short on delivery. So a leading laser cutter sought Atlas Copco’s aid in finding a cost saving in-house solution...


Offshore oil rig

Offshore uncertainty is raising safety concerns

Low oil prices and a major slump in production are creating major safety concerns within the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry.


Process safety April 2016

Process Safety April 2016

This edition of Process Safety looks at the risks posed by chemicals and nanomaterials alongside the best-practice guidelines being introduced to protect researchers and engineers.

We also examine t…