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Planning gains

History provides numerous instances of catastrophic events providing the catalyst for radical economic and societal changes. Like its predecessors from the Black Death onwards, the current pandemic’s…

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Methane leaks: overlooked offender faces a regulatory crackdown

Its contribution to global warming might be dwarfed by that of carbon dioxide but the relative impact of the greenhouse gas can be greater. Europe is finally waking up to the threat, with compulsory …


White paper: How synthetic biology can help decarbonise pharmaceuticals

Tunley Engineering’s Dr Robert Moorcroft, Nathan Wood and Dr Torill Bigg explain in their white paper how biological processes can alleviate the challenge of creating a less carbon intensive pharma s…


Process safety April 2016

Process Safety April 2016

This edition of Process Safety looks at the risks posed by chemicals and nanomaterials alongside the best-practice guidelines being introduced to protect researchers and engineers.

We also examine t…