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Students’ helping hand charity nets inaugural engineering award

A Glasgow University student-led society, which creates 3D printed prosthetics free of charge for anyone that needs one, has been honoured with the Overall Excellence in Engineering Award 2020.

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Kerry food hub

A new era beckons for the food and drink sector

A recent article in the press drew a comparison between the modern fast food sector and the clothing industry somewhere in the earlier part of the last century.

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Solids handling demands call for the right pumps system

When successive storm events increased volumes of rag and debris its waste systems had to cope with, Thames Water sought Vaughan’s aid to find the right solids-handling pumps...


Offshore oil rig

Offshore uncertainty is raising safety concerns

Low oil prices and a major slump in production are creating major safety concerns within the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry.


Process safety April 2016

Process Safety April 2016

This edition of Process Safety looks at the risks posed by chemicals and nanomaterials alongside the best-practice guidelines being introduced to protect researchers and engineers.

We also examine t…