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NWED: Women in Engineering Day

Editor's comment: tackling the issue of female representation

Rob Smith | Added: 23 Jun 2016

Despite major efforts in recent years to dramatically increase numbers, just 6% of the UK’s registe…

Editor’s comment: an appetite for change

Louisa Hearn | Added: 6 Jun 2016

The ‘secret recipe’ behind many blockbuster food and drink products is a blend of universally appea…

Weir Group pump

Editor’s comment: sizing up pumps

Rob Smith | Added: 24 May 2016

Pumps are vital. Without them, the process industries would come to a grinding halt.

Pills drugs medicine

Editor’s Comment: Modern medicine

Rob Smith | Added: 16 May 2016

We are fortunate in the UK. For many illnesses, you need only head to your local pharmacy and hey p…

Troubled water

Louisa Hearn | Added: 4 May 2016

Water utilities across the UK have spent many years grappling with infrastructure built in the Vict…

Flow computers under threat?

Added: 29 Mar 2016

At the start of the year we at Process Engineering added the element of ‘flow’ to our coverage of t…

The right chemistry

Louisa Hearn | Added: 24 Mar 2016

When reporters in the mainstream media write about chemicals, it’s often for all the wrong reasons.…

Shrinking sector?

Rob Smith | Added: 3 Mar 2016

Driving to work has been getting cheaper thanks to the tumbling oil prices. Unfortunately, for many…

Great Food Nation

Louisa Hearn | Added: 4 Jan 2016

Along with great challenges often come great opportunities, and never has this been truer for the B…

Kids Schools Skills2

Mission inspiration or mission impossible?

Added: 3 Nov 2015

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week aims to inspire the next generation of engineers and help bridge the skil…

Shale drilling illustration

Pump up the volume

Added: 2 Nov 2015

Pumps and valves technology will have to adapt if shale gas is ever to be extracted in the UK.

GE's Predix software

Back to the future

Added: 21 Oct 2015

As the Process Engineering team celebrates Back to the Future day, we’re enjoying this little remin…

Cyber security

Hacked off?

Added: 22 Sep 2015

Microsoft’s new operating system (OS) Windows 10 was officially launched in July. But how has it af…

Shale drilling illustration

Fracking quick

Added: 19 Aug 2015

Is the government’s decision to ‘fast-track’ fracking applications a misguided masterstroke?

Pounds sterling

Time to pay up

Added: 5 Aug 2015

Male engineers often get paid more than female engineers and it’s a problem that will only serve to…

Andy Furlong

Less talk, more action

Added: 29 Jul 2015

The UK’s top professional and academic bodies squared up to the government on climate policy last w…

Forty-nine per cent of industry representatives claim skills shortages are their main barrier to gro

Look forward

Added: 8 Jul 2015

Engineers must be forward-looking to attract the young people their profession and this country so …

Gas detection

Have a safe summer

Added: 3 Jun 2015

So summer is here, and there’s more than whiff of safety issues in the air.

EU Flag

Continuity Britain?

Added: 13 May 2015

British industry may be relieved that the electorate voted for stability last week, but already the…

Nuclear engineers

Engineering’s election

Added: 29 Apr 2015

Engineering has come into the spotlight like never before during this general election campaign.