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Beer giants agree £68bn takeover

Added: 14 Oct 2015

SABMiller has agreed to a £68billion takeover by AnheuserBusch InBev (AB InBev), heralding the crea…

Moisture measurement

Moisture measurement website with GE

Added: 16 Jul 2015

Visit our moisture measurement web page, covering the latest in moisture measurement techniques and…

Mass flow meter with dosing pump: principle of operation

Added: 10 Jul 2015

In this video Bronkhorst Cori-Tech, manufacturer of the world’s smallest Coriolis flow meters, pres…


GE identifies top calibration trends

Added: 10 Jul 2015

If a business wants to streamline its calibration processes, reduce calibration management time and…


Onsite calibration: doing more with less

Added: 3 Jul 2015

GE’s onsite calibration guide is designed to help process engineers understand why they need to cal…

Beer video screen grab

Ubiquitous beer brewing system

Added: 31 Mar 2015

Sabco has partnered with Unitronics to help beverage brewers of all kinds produce the perfect pint.

Engineering and design for lean construction

Added: 9 Dec 2014

The Aveva Group has launched this short video which explains how best to control the design spiral …

GE downloads page

Added: 25 Nov 2014

Below is a list of GE downloads.

German ExxonMobil employees drink fracking fluid

ExxonMobil staff drink fracking fluid

Added: 11 Sep 2014

Staff of ExxonMobil this week appeared on national television in Germany to attempt to show that fr…

Water treatment roundtable

Added: 2 Jul 2014

Blacoh University has facilitated a roundtable video with industry leaders to discuss key aspects o…

Changing the face of industrial HMI

Added: 16 Jun 2014

Advantech’s latest range of products include several new models in the TPC, SPC, FPM and WebOP rang…

DPI 620 Genii advanced modular calibrator from GE

Added: 6 Jun 2014

This video introduces the new DPI 620 Genii advanced modular calibrator and HART/Foundation Fieldbu…

Using GE's DPI 620 Genii with interface & swipe technology

Added: 6 Jun 2014

In this video, Mike Shelton, product manager at GE Measurement & Control, explains Genii’s innovati…