Latest Industry Update

Connecting with our digital future

Added: 15 Nov 2023

The IQ3 range is renowned for being one of the most robust and intelligent actuators in the industr…

Environmental and financial KPIs go hand in hand

Added: 15 Nov 2023

Electrification: the way forward to sustainable manufacturing processes.

The New GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper – Putting You in Control!

Added: 15 Nov 2023

GEMÜ introduces the new 652 Pulsation Damper, an innovative solution to compensate pressure and vol…

Introducing GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper – The New Innovative Solution to Compensate Pressure and Volume Fluctuations

Added: 21 Sep 2023

Pressure surges are recurrent problems in many production plants that occur as a result of turning …

Rotork – connecting our digital future

Added: 13 Sep 2023

Rotork is excited to introduce the new IQ3 Pro actuator with full mobile app integration.

Chamber success as Börger’s pumps take screws out and send energy costs down

Added: 13 Sep 2023

Burdened with cumbersome maintenance, expensive spare parts and very high energy costs, a wastewate…

The Turnkey Solution for Process Analytical Technology

Added: 13 Sep 2023

Metrohm’s 2060: The NIR Analyser is the next generation of process spectroscopy instruments, which …

Packaging and processing innovations on display at the 2023 PPMA Show

Added: 23 Aug 2023

The PPMA Show is the UK’s No. 1 event for the very latest processing and packaging machinery, robot…

Discover your next processing and packaging solution at the PPMA Show

Added: 16 Aug 2023

The PPMA Show is the UK’s largest exhibition for processing and packaging machinery, robotics and i…

The IO-Link family from VEGA is growing with the VEGAPULS 42

Added: 1 Aug 2023

The VEGAPULS 42 delivers 30+ years’ experience of radar level into factory automation. With IO-Link…

Graco launches QUANTM pump

Added: 1 Aug 2023

Graco’s new electric-operated double diaphragm pump for industrial and hygienic applications is a b…

Photonics technologies for agriculture from Hamamatsu

Added: 1 Aug 2023

Professionals in the agriculture and food packaging industries know exactly how important it is to …

How KNF diaphragm pumps handle demanding media

Added: 14 Jun 2023

The modular design of KNF diaphragm pumps ensures a highly reliable transfer of a variety of challe…

GEMÜ Introduces the New Innovative Solution to Water Hammer or Vapour Pressure Surge

Added: 31 May 2023

Pressure surges are recurrent problems that occur as a result of turning on pumps, changes in tempe…

New explosion-proof pump from KNF

Added: 31 May 2023

Strict regulations are in place for the processing and distribution of explosive gases. KNF meets c…

Metrohm Process Analytics Presents the 2060 The NIR Analyser

Added: 19 Apr 2023

Introducing the newest member of the 2060 platform: the 2060 The NIR Analyser. With its high throug…

Sea Water Desalination by Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Added: 22 Feb 2023

GEMÜ Valves in Drinking Water Applications: In a successful large sea water desalination, the syste…

Final 46 make PIA shortlist team alongside Kevin Keegan

Added: 22 Feb 2023

Forty six finalists have been shortlisted across the eight eligible categories for the 2023 Pump In…

Automation24 offers tailor-made product solutions

Added: 22 Feb 2023

During the past year, Automation24 has already expanded its range to include process instrumentatio…

Chemicals sector welcomes Government offer on UK REACH deadlines

Added: 15 Feb 2023

Chemical sector firms have almost unanimously supported increased deadline times for the UK REACH r…