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Industry analysis: unleashing the potential of the IIoT

Rob Smith | Added: 3 Oct 2016

Technologies that connect us to the Internet of Things already exist, but don’t expect everyone to …

Meet the next generation of tech innovators

Louisa Hearn | Added: 5 Sep 2016

A new wave of graduate entrepreneurs are being helped on their way to deliver highly disruptive tec…

MIcro-generation: a new frontier for process control

Micro-generation: a new frontier

Added: 4 Nov 2015

The UK’s rapidly growing waste-to-energy market is catching the eye of control technology firms.

Control room

Service in the sky

Added: 17 Sep 2014

Does the future of the computerised maintenance management system reside in the Cloud?

Remote control

Remote control

Added: 3 Jul 2014

As technology costs come down and engineering skills get stretched, an increasing number of offshor…

Centralised control room

Centralised control room operations

Added: 8 Jul 2013

In recent years there has been a growing move to centralise control room operations within the proc…

BIU energy2

Energy: Headline prices only part of the story

Added: 19 Nov 2012

Chris Best, joint managing director at energyTEAM, reveals management ‘tricks’ that could save you …


Virtual patching to reduce risk

Added: 18 Oct 2012

London – In today’s industrial organisations, patching process control system software to remove se…

Industrial wireless market to show five-fold growth

Added: 29 Jun 2012

San Diego, California — The worldwide market for industrial wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has dou…

Stop-start water cycle blocks technology flow

Added: 8 Mar 2012

London – ?After a slow start to the current Asset Management Plan - AMP5 (2010-15) - suppliers have…

Drax axes 'new biomass' plans

Added: 8 Mar 2012

London – ?Drax Group PLC has scrapped plans to build a dedicated 300MW biomass plant at its 4,000MW…

Cloud is only as good as you make it

Added: 4 Oct 2011

London — Businesses expecting automatic improvements to their IT infrastructure by moving to the cl…

Oil & gas sector needs better planning of pressure safety valve testing

Added: 3 Oct 2011

London — Valve engineering and management company Severn Unival is advising oil and gas companies t…

Manager kicks a hornets' nest

Added: 21 Jul 2011

Patrick Raleigh reports from the ACE conference in Manchester, where a wireless challenge was throw…

Energy issues form the backdrop to OE11 event

Added: 1 Jul 2011

David Clough sets the scene for a show that puts the sustainability of the oil and gas industry fir…

Control systems blamed for a third of downtime

Added: 7 Jun 2011

Houston, Texas – An industry-wide shortage of software-experienced engineers and over-extended equi…

7 out of 10 relay preference for simpler safety

Added: 11 Apr 2011

London - If you’re one of those engineers who prefers to stick with more basic, tried-and-tested te…