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Schaeffler launches global foundation to mark 75th anniversary

Added: 6 Dec 2021

Global automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler has marked its 75th anniversary with the creat…

How phased system upgrades can save on downtime and money

Added: 24 Nov 2021

While most firms working in the food processing industry want to upgrade their systems, doing so ra…

Biopharma Group can customise training to meet specific requirements

Institute presents apprenticeships blueprint for UK industry’s new era

Added: 23 Nov 2021

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education has highlighted eight key occupations in …

Air Products Prism hydrogen generator

BEIS appoints key bodies to oversee hydrogen use standards

Added: 23 Nov 2021

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has appointed a consortium to deve…

Plastic recycling

Honeywell claims a breakthrough in the war on plastics

Added: 9 Nov 2021

Honeywell is claiming a significant environmental breakthrough with a process that increases the ty…

Anglian Water among international winners of Lighthouse water awards

Added: 9 Nov 2021

UK water utility Anglian Water has joined the likes of Google and Carlsberg among the winners of th…

Launching a tech innovation? Have your patents in place first to protect your IP

Added: 5 Nov 2021

Demand for climate tech solutions has never been greater. That’s a wonderful opportunity, says Jim …

Oil and gas have incentives to embrace the new

Added: 28 Oct 2021

Most sectors within the process industries have their rugged aspects, where the demands on the work…


Budget ‘short on R&D detail and STEM investment’

Added: 28 Oct 2021

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s boost to research and development incentives has been welcomed within indu…

Think of AI as investment in productivity and efficiency rather than cost

Added: 27 Oct 2021

Concerns about AI’s investment should be offset benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and c…

Carbon capture and storage CCS

Engineering sector leader launches energy technology Net Zero guide

Added: 26 Oct 2021

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has launched a new guide which gives a detailed…

Report suggests ‘carbon jargon’ undermines public support for COP26 initiatives

Added: 26 Oct 2021

Eight out of 10 British people surveyed say they are put off from taking an interest in climate act…

Faraday Medal recognises ultrasound pioneer Fleming

Added: 26 Oct 2021

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has named the winners of its 2021 Achievement A…

'Creative curriculum vital for next generation of Ada Lovelaces'

Added: 12 Oct 2021

UK engineering training needs to overcome its ‘overly narrow’ focus on maths and science qualificat…

Why creativity must always be part of the engineering curriculum

Added: 12 Oct 2021

Pioneering scientists such as Ada Lovelace were creative polymaths. We should remember that when it…


Booming hydrogen market heralds water technology opportunities

Added: 12 Oct 2021

Water technology firms could be among the biggest beneficiaries of the future hydrogen economy, cla…

Wanner unveils new Technical Centre of Excellence for industrial pump development

Added: 8 Oct 2021

Wanner International’s officially opened its new Technical Centre of Excellence in industrial pump …

First woman chair for IET council

Added: 8 Oct 2021

Members of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Council have selected engineer Dr …

Cloud brings clarity to process data storage

Added: 6 Oct 2021

Data analysis is bigger and better than ever but you need cloud-based platforms to optimise systems…

Why quality management makes for better processes post–Covid

Added: 4 Oct 2021

Quality and consistency have always been benchmarks of good business in manufacturing and engineeri…