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Sick introduces 3D vision sensors for indoor use

SICK (UK) LTD | Added: 8 Nov 2017

Visionary-T 3D vision sensors from Sick offer maximum flexibility for indoor use due to their innov…

SICK shows off smart sensors at Industry 4.0 Summit

SICK (UK) LTD | Added: 6 Mar 2017

Unlocking the potential for sensor intelligence to power forward the fourth industrial revolution i…

Curtain up on SICK’s deTec4 Prime

SICK (UK) LTD | Added: 6 Apr 2016

The deTec4 Prime is the latest addition to SICK’s range of safety light curtain products.

SICK sensor is Industry 4.0 ready

SICK (UK) LTD | Added: 8 Mar 2016

Industrial sensors manufacturer SICK says its PowerProx sensor offers unprecedented versatility to …


SICK launches 3D vision sensor

SICK (UK) LTD | Added: 6 Jan 2016

SICK has launched the TriSpector 1000, its first ‘plug-and-play’ 3D vision sensor in the UK.

cott sick level bev2

Cott Beverages solves level sensing problem at UK plant

SICK (UK) LTD | Added: 15 Oct 2012

Nelson, UK – Cott Beverages has completed a project to resolve a level-sensing problem on a bottle-…

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