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Stark Make UK/Infor supply chain survey suggests globalisation has peaked

Two years of disruption to global supply chains has transformed the nature of UK manufacturing, suggests a hard-hitting survey by Make UK and business cloud software solutions leader Infor.

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Alicat dual valve controllers provide pressure solution

Alicat dual valve pressure controllers are designed by Premier Control Technologies (PCT) for dead-ended, non-flowing, systems requiring very precise control with zero overshoot.

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Chemicals sector finds Brexit's sunlit uplands hard to REACH

Brexit’s sunlit uplands are proving difficult to access and, for one sector at least, the blame for this problem cannot be pinned on one year of lockdown.

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Always suit the materials to the industrial application

Using operating parts made of high-quality materials is crucial to ensure reliability and stability of the components and products, cautions Norelem’s Marcus Schneck, so always consider the area of a…