Latest Industry Update

Alicat dual valve controllers provide pressure solution

Added: 24 Apr 2019

Alicat dual valve pressure controllers are designed by Premier Control Technologies (PCT) for dead-…

Register for Siemens’ free workplace digitalisation advice

Siemens | Added: 17 Oct 2017

Five minutes’ expert advice before taking decisions is useful – so how helpful would 45 minutes be?…

InfraCal 2

Spectro Scientific reappoints Quantitech

Quantitech | Added: 9 Feb 2016

Quantitech has been reappointed by Spectro Scientific as the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ir…

Flir Systems CO2 camera

Gas imaging camera spots CO2 leaks

Added: 3 Feb 2016

Flir Systems’ GF343 optical gas imaging camera is designed to detect and visualise carbon dioxide (…

XRF analyser

X-ray fluorescence analysers for metals analysis

Ashtead Technology | Added: 19 Jan 2016

Ashtead Technology says X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is one of the most important technologies in its r…

Endress+Hauser RFID tags

RFID tags reduce maintenance costs

Added: 11 Jan 2016

Endress+Hauser has launched a range of RFID tags that are designed to ease the identification of me…

SCO1 salinometer

Redesigned salinometer for increased safety

Added: 24 Jun 2015

Anton Paar has launched an update for the SCO 1 salinometer to measure salt in crude oil. The measu…


Energy Institute awards competition

Added: 19 May 2015

The EI Awards competition is calling for entries from all sectors of the global energy sector. Any …

Contact image sensor

High speed contact image sensors

Added: 20 Apr 2015

The Mitsubishi Electric KD range of contact image sensors has been further extended with the additi…


CMOS industrial cameras from IDS

Added: 20 Apr 2015

Recognising the developments in CMOS sensor technology, IDS decided three years ago to stop enginee…


Automated chemistry analyser with programmable software

Added: 23 Jan 2015

The ChemWell-T chemistry analyser, now available with the rAPID-T software, is ideal for many appli…

Adlink NEON camera

Open architecture smart camera

Added: 21 Jan 2015

The Adlink NEON series of smart cameras is the first to combine the latest generation of quad core …

Thermal imager kit

Thermal imager includes current clamp kit

Added: 21 Jan 2015

Fluke has introduced its latest Thermal Imager Connect System kits featuring thermal imagers that u…

InfraCal 2

Portable oil in water analysis tool

Added: 21 Jan 2015

Quantitech first launched the InfraCal 2, a portable oil in water analyser, in 2013.

Hach Lange webinars

Beverage quality analysis webcast

Added: 11 Nov 2014

Download for free two webcasts on how to simplify your beverage quality analysis.


Precision measurement

Added: 4 Nov 2014

The AMRC Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC) has utilised HBM’s MGCplus for a number of measu…

Quantitech Frog 4000

Onsite analyser

Added: 4 Nov 2014

Quantitech has launched the FROG-4000, a rugged, portable instrument capable of analysing trace lev…


Onsite chemical analysis

Added: 22 Oct 2014

Quantitech has launched the FROG-4000, a rugged, portable instrument capable of analysing trace lev…

Endecotts sieves and certificate

Precision test sieves

Added: 16 Dec 2013

Endecotts Test Sieves are manufactured to offer qualities that make them extremely precise and accu…

Telstar barrier systems

High containment barrier systems

Added: 20 Nov 2013

Telstar has developed its latest range of high containment barrier system designed for APIs manufac…