Latest Industry Update

Filtration cartridges & equipment

Filtration cartridges & equipment

Added: 17 Jun 2013

Hi-Line Industries provides a filtration service, supplying original filtration equipment and alter…

DuPont coveralls

DuPont helps staff cover up

Added: 12 Jun 2013

DuPont has provided coveralls to Severfield Reeve for 16 years in an effort to minimise substance h…

Ultra-thin probe

Ultra-thin videoprobe added to rental fleet

Added: 12 Jun 2013

The IPLEX TX videoscope form Ashtead Technology is designed to enhance visual inspections with narr…

Mattei leak survey

Choosing the right location

Added: 12 Jun 2013

Mattei’s Andy Jones believes that the correct location for your compressor during installation can …

Micro-dispensing valve

Micro-dispensing valve from Intertronics

Added: 4 Jun 2013

The Liquidyn P-Jet CT jetting valve is designed for high performance micro-dispensing of a variety …

Micromech dispenser & packager

Food dispenser and packager

Added: 4 Jun 2013

Yaskawa and Micromech have teamed up to design a small motion system to serve the packaging industr…

Wireless torque sensor

Wireless torque sensor prevails

Added: 4 Jun 2013

An innovative TorqSense wireless torque sensor from Sensor Technology provided an effective solutio…

In-cylinder transducers

Integrated electronics for in-cylinder transducer

Added: 4 Jun 2013

The ICT800 and ICT820 models from Penny + Giles are designed to simplify installation and eliminate…

ZT Safety harness

ZT Safety launches the Universal Harness

Added: 29 May 2013

The Universal Harness safety system is designed to eliminate the use of groin straps during prolong…

OhmGuard hose system

Hose continuity tester from Newson-Gale

Added: 29 May 2013

The OhmGuard system ensures hoses do not pose an electrostatic ignition risk in potentially combust…

GE compact prover

Rheonik Coriolis flowmeter proves itself

Added: 28 May 2013

The large-size flowmeter from GE has been accurately calibrated by a compact prover without the nee…

Badger Valves system

Compact valves for flow control systems

Added: 20 May 2013

Pump Engineering has introduced the Badger Meter valve range for a variety of process system applic…

Quench valve

Quench valves for deep sea project

Added: 9 May 2013

Weld overlay cladding and fabrication specialist Arc Energy Resources has recently completed the co…

Solar actuators

Solar tracking systems reduce CO2 emissions

Added: 8 May 2013

SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub can be used with photovoltaics, concentrated photovolt…


Rittal Blue e cooling units save energy

Added: 12 Nov 2012

Rittal’s Blue e cooling units have the same nominal cooling output, physical size and cut-out dimen…

Oil and gas

ABB’s DriveSave provides guaranteed energy savings

Added: 12 Nov 2012

ABB’s DriveSave is a risk and reward scheme for large energy consumers that identifies and guarante…


Permanent magnet AC motor redefines energy efficiency

Added: 12 Nov 2012

Regal is redefining electric motor efficiency with its Marathon SyMAX permanent magnet AC motors, w…