Latest Industry Update

Picking vacuum technology for chemical and pharma processing

Added: 25 Jul 2018

Selecting the right vacuum technology for chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications is of…

Titan Enterprises flowmeter faces up to challenges of petrochemical fluid metering

Added: 19 Feb 2018

The Process Atrato from Titan Enterprises is a new low volume, high-performance ultrasonic flowmete…

Compact pumps for sensitive ingredients

Added: 6 Dec 2016

CSF MAE progressive cavity self-priming pumps are suited to transferring low viscosity products, sa…

HBM weighing solutions target counterfeit pharmaceuticals

Added: 6 Dec 2016

The European Union is providing measures designed to prevent counterfeit pharmaceuticals from enter…

grit calculator image

Online calculator combats grit costs

Added: 17 Dec 2015

Hydro International has launched an industry tool to help assess the  full operating cost impact of…


Energy Institute awards competition

Added: 19 May 2015

The EI Awards competition is calling for entries from all sectors of the global energy sector. Any …

Pump Engineering CSF

Hygienic pumps

Added: 4 Nov 2014

Transfer liquids in food, brewing, pharmaceutical and other hygienic process applications with easy…

Telstar barrier systems

High containment barrier systems

Added: 20 Nov 2013

Telstar has developed its latest range of high containment barrier system designed for APIs manufac…

Centrifugal air compressor

Ingersoll Rand launches efficient centrifugal compressor

Added: 7 Nov 2013

The Centac C800 centrifugal air compressor is designed for assembly, automotive food and beverage, …

Telstar combi water system

Telstar unveils integrated water systems solution

Added: 7 Nov 2013

Biopharmaceutical firm Telstar will present its latest water-for-injection unit with storage storag…

Portable GC-MS

Portable GC-MS for onsite “lab analysis”

Added: 2 Oct 2013

Quantitech has launched a unique portable gas chromatograph toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer (GC…

Honeywell advanced virtualisation

Advanced virtualisation

Added: 4 Sep 2013

Recently, Honeywell has introduced a premium platform for Experion virtualisation solutions.


Telstar to host technical conference

Added: 12 Jun 2013

Organised by ISPE Spain, the conference will discuss sterile manufacturing and its associated proce…

FMD seminar at Total 2013

Seminar to outline FMD requirements

Added: 15 May 2013

The need for pharmaceutical manufacturers to act now in order to meet the requirements of the EU Fa…