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Pump saves village sewage station from being priced out of existence

Added: 4 Jan 2018

The environmental horrors created by blockages accumulating in the sewage systems of major cities a…

NEBOSH and HSE qualification improves process safety management

Added: 23 Nov 2017

Improving process safety culture is one of the key benefits that can be realised through appropriat…

Spirax Sarco solves metal refiner's carbon efficiency challenge

Added: 31 Oct 2017

The precious metal refining industry notoriously consumes significant amounts of heat and chemicals…

Industry 4.0: the antidote to supply chain disruption

Added: 31 Oct 2017

Industry 4.0 and smart use of data is not disrupting the supply chain, says LLamasoft’s Michael Wal…

Waste not: an energy upgrade isn’t just about changing supplier

Added: 22 Aug 2017

Control industry suppliers are refining their offerings, with the use of energy management systems …

News viewpoint: how the General Election result will affect the process sectors

Added: 4 Jul 2017

The hung parliament that has emerged diminishes the likelihood of a hard Brexit, but brings other p…

Improved use of resources drives development in the water industry

Added: 20 Jun 2017

At a time when operating margins in water and wastewater are under growing pressure, the need to co…

Case study: monitoring is the key to water flow

Added: 22 May 2017

Standalone monitoring ensures bearing faults don’t result in a loss of water supply.

In full flow: Totex is finally taking effect in the water sector

Added: 4 Apr 2017

A sector once seen as slow moving and traditional is now in its most dynamic period for decades. To…

Plant Equipment: how efficient are thermal fluid systems?

Added: 3 Jan 2017

Thermal fluid-based heat transfer systems offer an efficient alternative to the steam variety, but …

Show preview: Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring

Added: 17 Oct 2016

The Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring exhibition opens in Telford next month.

New nuclear: a blueprint for low-carbon energy?

Rob Smith | Added: 5 Sep 2016

The development of new nuclear plants will play a major role in the UK’s future energy mix as low-c…

Case study: water utility pump crisis resolved by rapid repair

Added: 22 Aug 2016

Engineering services firm completes quick fix for catastrophic pump failure.

Water for reuse: how filtration is cleaning up

Added: 18 Jul 2016

For small-scale operations, filtration can offer an efficient way of handling process water for reu…

Viewpoint: all fired up for water waste debate

Added: 4 Jul 2016

Waste handlers must now plan for the impact of water they discharge to fight a major fire, writes H…

Case study: pumps have vital role in ‘super sewers‘

Added: 24 May 2016

Chopper pumps are playing a significant role in the expansion of ‘super sewers’ in London.

Case study: tighter water management boosts Kraft Heinz

Added: 3 May 2016

Advanced water technologies boost sustainability and cut costs at Italian Kraft Heinz food plant.

Waste management: smart solutions in the spotlight

Louisa Hearn | Added: 3 May 2016

Technologies for testing and treating water and solids are coming of age in the quest to squeeze sa…

Water industry: turning the tide

Louisa Hearn | Added: 13 Apr 2016

The water industry may need to consider a very new approach to innovation if it is to triumph over …

Interview: Drax squares up to carbon-mitigation challenge

Added: 11 Apr 2016

Pioneering new methods to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint is one of the most critical issues f…