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Efficiency factor: pumps offer oil & gas a boost

Added: 25 Jul 2016

As the oil and gas industry struggles through the hardship of depressed oil prices, Dermot Martin i…

Oil & gas: technology and teamwork must reign supreme

Rob Smith | Added: 11 Jul 2016

Battle lines have been drawn as the UK’s oil and gas industry hopes to thrive in the years ahead. R…

Viewpoint: Sliding fortunes

Added: 7 Mar 2016

While falling oil prices are welcomed by many, they may spell serious issues ahead, writes North Ea…

Land of opportunity

Rob Smith | Added: 3 Mar 2016

With offshore exploration in the UK faltering, could decommissioning and greater investment onshore…

Liz Fletcher, Beamex

Calibration: Field factors

Added: 22 Jan 2016

The case for calibrating equipment in either a workshop or the field is not always black and white,…

Tekena Fubara

Cyber security: fighting talk

Rob Smith | Added: 11 Jan 2016

Cyber security is a multi-faceted beast, therefore plant operators must be prepared to defend their…

Clean sweep

Clean screens

Louisa Hearn | Added: 6 Jan 2016

Self-cleaning filters are making steady inroads into production processes, writes Louisa Hearn.

Ashtead critical care

Critical care

Added: 17 Dec 2015

There are real advantages to be gained from renting specialist equipment, writes Will Russell of As…

Toxic load

Toxic load: detecting hazards

Added: 9 Dec 2015

Personal protection kit is about far more than hard hats and safety gloves.

Big data Honeywell

Big data

Added: 19 Nov 2015

Integration with cloud and mobile technologies is changing the face of data acquisition.

On the level

On the level

Added: 17 Nov 2015

Level measurement can offer a line of defence against industrial spills, and regulators are taking …

Shale mates?

Shale mates: UK fracking future

Added: 2 Nov 2015

As the UK moves to emulate the US shale boom, Michelle Knott investigates how similar the engineeri…

People Power

People Power: oil & gas skills drive

Added: 11 Sep 2015

Low prices are hurting the oil & gas industry, and in particular the North Sea. John McKenna looks …

Safety systems

Under control

Added: 8 Sep 2015

Safety systems are the first-response unit when things go wrong in a process plant, preventing smal…

BP Deepwater Horizon

A sense of danger

Added: 5 Aug 2015

Can a new generation of detection devices mitigate the risk of catastrophic gas leaks within the pr…

Milford Haven refinery pipework

Simulation savings

Added: 10 Jun 2015

The use of dynamic simulation software can radically reduce downstream build costs and cut upstream…

Ed Miliband

Election skills

Added: 6 May 2015

Following tomorrow’s general election, key engineering issues such as skills shortages look set to …


Process safety: barely begun

Added: 11 Mar 2015

Ten years on from the Buncefield explosion, only small steps have been taken to establish a process…

Subsea platform

Maintaining Atlantis

Added: 13 Feb 2015

Effective maintenance of subsea oil & gas processing equipment is both crucial and expensive. Greg …

Stan Higgins

Gone from the wind – industrial CCS

Added: 4 Feb 2015

Almost half of the emissions that need to be captured to battle climate change come from the proces…